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* The shootout is run over six rounds, hosted by selected Clubs within the BMX South Queensland Zone. 

  Round 1 Sat 13 January Redlands BMX Club

  Round 2  Sat 27 January Hinterland BMX Club

  Round 3 Sat 10 February Nerang BMX Club

  Round 4 Sat 07 April  Ipswich BMX Club (Re-scheduled)

  Round 5 Sat  10 March Cooloola BMX Club

  Round 6 Sun 15 April Beenleigh BMX Club (Re-scheduled)

* Pro Straights will not be used during the Shootout Rounds. 

* Online Nominations are available via www.bmxaustralia.com.au or bmxsouthqld.org

* Online Nominations will close 10pm (Brisbane Time) the Thursday prior to each round

* Nominations on the day will be accepted up to the close of registration at each round. To avoid lengthy queues, online nomination via OSM is strongly recommended. 

* Open Riders are expected to own a Transponder. The Zone has a limited number of Transponders available for hire. Once this inventory is exhausted, riders will be required to purchase a Mylaps Flex Transponder to participate in racing. Exception are the participation classes, Sprockets & Mini Wheelers.

* Scoring of the event is calculated on the rider’s best 5 rounds over the series Eg. If a rider rides all six rounds the rider will drop his/her worst round.

* If a rider only rides five rounds, all points will be counted.

* Race Results will be available via ezeventing.com.au

* Series Results will be published on the BMX South Queensland Web Site bmxsouthqld.org

* If you can volunteer as a Official, please advise via the Online Nomination or speak to our Event Co-ordinator.

* All Volunteers will be entered into a Prize Draw.


* Scoring is 10pts –1st, 8pts –2nd , 6pts –3rd , 5pts –4th , 4pts –5th , 3pts –6th , 2pts –7th ,1pt – 8 

* Each round of racing has 4 motos no finals. 

* A rider must ride 5 out of 6 rounds to qualify for an award.

* A rider who nominates into a round of the series must take the gate to be scored as entered into the round. 

* Novice and Expert are to be offered at this Event. 

* If you don't hold a current plate from a South Queensland Zone, State, Australian or World Championship - you may nominate into a Novice Class.

* A mystery double point round will be drawn at round 5 and announced at the start of round 6. 

* There is to be no drinking of alcohol at any rounds of the Shootout Series Events.

* There will be designated Smoking areas set aside and these will be announced on the day of the event. 

* BMX South Queensland and their appointed officials may remove any rider, parent, or spectator from the venues at any time.

* BMX South Queensland reserves the right to refuse entry to any person 

* The BMX South Queensland Committee reserves the right to amend these guidelines from time to time.

For more information phone Sam 0432-079 627 or Kayelene 07-3812 2494


Event Details

The Event
Organiser :
South Queensland Zone
Event :
2018 BMXSQ Oxley Cycles Shootout Series - Round 4 (Rescheduled)
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Ipswich BMX Club - Willey Park, 54 Moffatt Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305, AUS
Begins on :
07-Apr-2018 06:00 AM
Ends on :
07-Apr-2018 11:00 PM
Registration Open :
27-Feb-2018 06:00 AM
Registration Closes :
05-Apr-2018 10:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
Please Note: All registration times are in AEDT/AEST.
Late Registration Till :
- - -
Late Registration Fee :
- - -
Manual Processing Fee :
(Manual Processing Fee does not include Class Fees)
Class Details
BMXA Masters-30+ Masters Ladies$15.00
BMXA Masters-30+ Masters Men$15.00
BMXA Masters-35+ Masters Open Wheel$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-10 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-10 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-10 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-11 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-11 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-11 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-12 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-12 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-12 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-17 - 24 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-17-24 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-25-29 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-25-29 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-30-34 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-30-34 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-35 - 39 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-35-39 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-40 - 44 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-40-44 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-45 - 49 Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-45-49 Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-50+ Men$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-50+ Women$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-8 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-8 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-8 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-9 Boys$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-9 Girls$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-9 Novice$15.00
Challenge 20 Inch-Superclass 14+ Men$20.00
Challenge 20 Inch-Superclass 14+ Women$20.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Boys Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Girls Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Boys Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Girls Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Boys Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Girls Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-17-24 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-17-24 Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-25-29 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-25-29 Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-30-34 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-30-34 Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-35-39 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-35-39 Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-40-44 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-40-44 Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-45-49 Cruiser Men$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-45-49 Cruiser Women$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-50+ Mens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-50+ Womens Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Boys Cruiser$15.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Girls Cruiser$15.00
Mini Wheeler-Mini Wheeler Boy$15.00
Mini Wheeler-Mini Wheeler Girl$15.00
Retro-RETRO 8 - 14 Junior$15.00
Retro-RETRO Over 40$15.00
Retro-RETRO Under 40$15.00
Sprocket-5 & Under Sprocket Boys$15.00
Sprocket-5 & Under Sprocket Girls$15.00
Sprocket-6 Boys$15.00
Sprocket-6 Girls$15.00
Sprocket-7 Boys$15.00
Sprocket-7 Girls$15.00