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The Event
Organiser :
Burdekin BMX Club
Event :
Burdekin April Carnival 2018
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Burdekin BMX Club - 27 Kennedy Street, , Ayr, QLD, 4807, AUS
Begins on :
28-Apr-2018 06:00 AM
Ends on :
28-Apr-2018 06:00 PM
Registration Open :
28-Mar-2018 06:00 AM
Registration Closes :
14-Apr-2018 10:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
Please Note: All registration times are in AEDT/AEST.
Late Registration Till :
14-Apr-2018 11:00 PM
Late Registration Fee :
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Manual Processing Fee :
(Manual Processing Fee does not include Class Fees)
Class Details
Challenge 20 Inch-10 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-10 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-11 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-11 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-12 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-12 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-17 - 24 Men$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-25-29 Men$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-30&Over Men$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-40+ Men$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-50+ Men$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-8 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-8 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-9 Boys$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-9 Girls$30.00
Challenge 20 Inch-Superclass 14+ Men$40.00
Challenge 20 Inch-Superclass 14+ Women$35.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Boys Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Girls Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Boys Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Girls Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Boys Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Girls Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-17-24 Mens Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-25-29 Mens Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-30+ Mens Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-40+ Men Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-50+ Mens Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Boys Cruiser$30.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Girls Cruiser$30.00
Mini Wheeler-Mini Wheeler$20.00
Officials and Event Helpers-Berm Steward$0.00
Officials and Event Helpers-Commentator$0.00
Officials and Event Helpers-First Aid$0.00
Officials and Event Helpers-Gate Starter$0.00
Officials and Event Helpers-Staging$0.00
Officials and Event Helpers-Team Manager$0.00
Special Racing-17+ Womens Open Wheel$30.00
Special Racing-30+ Mens Open Wheel$30.00
Sprocket-5 & Under Sprocket Boys$30.00
Sprocket-5 & Under Sprocket Girls$30.00
Sprocket-6 Sprocket Boys$30.00
Sprocket-6 Sprocket Girls$30.00
Sprocket-7 Sprocket Boys$30.00
Sprocket-7 Sprocket Girls$30.00