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Saturday the 24th & Sunday the 25th Feb 2018
at the
, Casey Fields 160 Berwick Cranbourne Road, East Cranbourne, Vic.

CASEY BMX 2018 flyer and event information

Online entries close at 10pm Sunday the 18th of Feb 2017


Event Details

The Event
Organiser :
BMX Victoria
Event :
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Casey BMX Club - Casey Fields, Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East, VIC, 3977, AUS
Begins on :
24-Feb-2018 01:00 PM
Ends on :
25-Feb-2018 02:00 PM
Registration Open :
06-Feb-2018 06:00 AM
Registration Closes :
18-Feb-2018 10:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
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Manual Processing Fee :
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Class Details
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Boys$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-13 Girls$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Boys$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-14 Girls$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Boys$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-15 Girls$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Boys$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-16 Girls$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-17-29 Men$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-17-29 Women$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-30-39 Mens Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-30-39 Womens Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-40 to 49 Womens Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-40-49 Mens Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-50+ Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge 20 Inch-50+ Womens Open Wheel$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Boys Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-11-12 Girls Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Boys Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-13-14 Girls Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Boys Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-15-16 Girls Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Boys Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Cruiser-8-10 Girls Cruiser$28.00
Challenge Expert-10 Expert Boys$28.00
Challenge Expert-10 Expert Girls$28.00
Challenge Expert-11 Expert Boys$28.00
Challenge Expert-11 Expert Girls$28.00
Challenge Expert-12 Expert Boys$28.00
Challenge Expert-12 Expert Girls$28.00
Challenge Expert-8 Expert Boys$28.00
Challenge Expert-8 Expert Girls$28.00
Challenge Expert-9 Expert Boys$28.00
Challenge Expert-9 Expert Girls$28.00
Challenge Novice-10-11 Novice Girls/Boys$28.00
Challenge Novice-12-13 Novice Girls/Boys$28.00
Challenge Novice-8-9 Novice Girls/Boys$28.00
Mini Wheeler-Mini Wheeler$15.00
Oddball-Senior Cruiser 17 & over$28.00
Pro Open-Masterclass Men$35.00
Pro Open-Superclass Men$50.00
Pro Open-Superclass Women$50.00
Retro-Retro 14-29$28.00
Retro-Retro 30+$28.00
Retro-Retro Class Junior (8 to 13)$28.00
Sprocket-5 Sprocket$15.00
Sprocket-6 Sprocket$15.00
Sprocket-7 Sprocket$15.00
Sprocket-Sprocket Girls$15.00